FreePBX 13 Initial GUI setup

  • Now you should be looking at the initial GUI setup wizard. First up, you will have to create the admin user account.

    After creating the admin account, click on FreePBX Administration to log in.

    After you log in you are presented with the first run wizard. Click activate because without activation, you cannot even reboot from the GUI.

    Activation is free and simple. If you have already registered with the email address you just entered as the Admin Email, then it will prompt you to log in.

    Now give the installation a friendly name for the Sangoma portal if you ever need to interact with it there.
    I clicked too fast and missed the screenshot. Premature clicking.

    They now offer you the chance to buy some add on modules. Just scroll to the bottom and click complete.

    Part of the FreePBX 13 Setup Guide

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