FreePBX 13 System Admin Setup

  • Important Note about sending email from a Vultr instance

    You have to request that SMTP be unblocked at the account level on Vultr.
    Please see this thread:

    Next up is the basic System Admin settings. Click on Admin -> System Admin. This step is why I told you to register the PBX with Sangoma. Without that, none of the options in this module are accessible.

    There is a menu on the right and you will basically need to go down the menu making any changes needed.

    The first one I change is on the Intrusion Detection menu. Add the email address you wish alerts to be sent to. You can adjust the ban time information to suit as well.

    The Hostname should be updated to something useful to you. I like the simple fpbx, short for FreePBX.

    Notifications is the to/from email setup to use.

    Power Options is where you go to reboot or shutdown.

    Go to the Time Zone and the box should auto populate based on what it detects for your IP. Adjust it appropriately and click Submit.

    At this point go back to the Power settings and reboot the system.
    Whenever you reboot or power off, you will get two dialog boxes. First a warning that call will stop processing.

    Then second a fill in the blank safety check that you really meant to shut it down.

    And off it goes.

    Part of the FreePBX 13 Setup Guide

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