Creating System Recordings with FreePBX

  • Assuming you have done a solid discovery, you now need to setup the system recordings for your IVR and any other things you need that will have sounds.

    Typically I see 3 sounds needed for almost every system.

    1. IVR
    2. Night / Holiday mode on
    3. Night / Holiday mode off

    Plan out your messages and write down the exact phrasing needed.

    Navigate to Admin -> System Recordings

    Click Add recording

    Fill out the name and description, then most people will use a phone to make the recording. If you have experience with recording software like Audacity, you can record things and upload them.
    Fill in the extension you are and and then when you are prepared,click the Call button.

    Your phone should ring and the screen displays dialing.

    When you answer, you will hear a beep. Begin speaking immediately. Hang up when you are done speaking.

    Give the file a name and click save. No spaces, all lower case. The GUI will force this is you do not.

    You will then see your recording listed as a file.

    Click Submit and Apply Config and repeat for all recordings desired.

    Part of the FreePBX 13 Setup Guide

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