Using Time Groups and Time Conditions with FreePBX

  • The most common use of Time Conditions is having the phone system automatically go into and out of "Night Mode."

    To set this up you first create a Time Group, then you create a Time Condition based on the Time Group.

    Navigate to Applications -> Time Groups

    Click add time group

    Give it a name and then set the times that it will be active. Leave the things you do not need to specify blank.
    Here is an example of 8-5 M-F.
    You can easily get more complex by adding additional time with the link at the bottom. Say 8-5 MWF and 98-6 on TuThu.

    Submit and Apply Config.

    Then click on List Time Conditions at the top of the Time Groups page.

    Click on Add Time Condition

    Give it a name and then select the time group and set the destinations.

    Click Submit and Apply Config.

    Part of the FreePBX 13 Setup Guide

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