Caller ID setup with FreePBX

  • Click on Admin -> CallerID Lookup Sources

    OpenCNAM should already be there. Click the edit icon to the right.

    Open another browser tab and log into you open OpenCNAM account. Click manage account and show next to Auth Token.

    Copy and paste your SID and Auth Token into FreePBX.

    Click on Submit and then Apply Config.

    Once this is done, you will make use of it when you setup your inbound routes.

    Part of the FreePBX 13 Setup Guide

  • Justy a note, you need to create an OpenCNAM account and fund it if you do not have one.

    I recommend OpenCNAM because it is generally cheaper than your carrier CID charges.
    If you recall from the setup, they charge $0.008 per lookup.

    OpenCNAM is half that at $0.0039 per lookup.

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