Setup inbound call routing with FreePBX

  • Now that all the basics are setup, we can create an inbound route to handle the incoming calls.

    A lot of people simply create an "any/any" default route and let calls all dump in. I disagree with that stance. You should set inbound routing to specifically handle calling. I suggest this, because when you later need to troubleshoot something, you can quickly being eliminating potential issues by having your routing specific to each DID.


    Click Add Inbound Route

    Give your route a name, and then take a good look at the DID number box. This is the first "any" of the "any/any" mentioned above. Mouse over the ? icon and read the text.

    Because we are using for this example, I can tell you to enter the 10 digit DID number you want to route. does not pass the country code (1) for inbound North American DID.

    The next part is the Caller ID number and it is the second "any" from the "any/any" above. Read the help and decide what you want to do.
    I typically leave this as any because a business wants calls from anyone who calls. You do not want to block a potential client that has their outbound CID set to private.

    Set the destination to the Time condition or ring group or IVR as decided during discovery. In this case, it will go to the auto night mode time condition.

    If you want inbound faxing to be detected on this DID, then you have to turn it on. Click to the Fax tab, click Yes on detect faxes to see the rest of the options.

    Click on the Other tab to set the caller id lookup information. Select OpenCNAM in the CID lookup source and enable the Superfecta lookup for the default scheme.

    Click Submit and Apply Config and you should now be able to call your DID and have it route in as specified.

    Part of the FreePBX 13 Setup Guide

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