How to enable SSL for SuiteCRM on Fedora 25

  • This guide continues off of our previous How to install SuiteCRM on Fedora 25 Minimal guide.

    To enable SSL you simply need to install mod_ssl to get a self signed certificate, but nobody wants that.

    So, assuming that you have no proxy in front of this system, we will use certbot to get a certificate.

    Install the required packages

    dnf install -y mod_ssl certbot python-certbot-apache

    Allow SSL through the firewall

    firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-port=https/tcp --permanent
    firewall-cmd --reload

    Restart Apache

    systemctl restart httpd

    Run certbot

    certbot --apache -n --agree-tos --email -d

    You should now have a new vhost configuration file named /etc/httpd/conf.d/suitecrm-le-ssl.conf

    Restart Apache

    systemctl restart httpd

    Navigate to your site.

    I did this on a new Vultr instance and actually setup the SSL prior to running the install wizard.

    If you wish to disable non SSL, traffic, run this

    #remove the allow for http
    firewall-cmd --zone=public --remove-port=80/tcp --permanent
    #reload the firewall
    firewall-cmd --reload