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    At Bundy & Associates we are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to make your computers and IT technology work effectively for your business. We think ahead. We take into consideration security, the user experience, and future flexibility when we design our solutions.

    We believe that systems have three major components: hardware, software and people. Hardware and software are our business. People are our priority. It’s been the people that have made Bundy & Associates such a success for almost 30 years.

    Comprised of top talent, the support team is experienced and each bring a specific expertise to the company. From IT support and software development to web design and social media, Bundy & Associates has a personalized team of experts to fit your unique needs.

    Based in St. Charles, Missouri, businesses nationwide have come to Bundy & Associates to service and troubleshoot their IT needs. Officially established in 1988, Bundy & Associates founder and president, Mike Bundy, brings a life-time of real-world knowledge along with a team that each averages over 15 years of experiernce, to the industry. Leveraging that experience allows Bundy & Associates to provide their customers a team of experts in networking, online security, PC support, database, application development, web design, social media and digital marketing.

    With Bundy & Associates , you can trust there is a responsive, skilled team dedicated to finding solutions that work for your special needs - and we’re friendly too! With a focus on economical, efficient solutions, we give honest, educative support and have a proven record of satisfied customers for over 30 years.

    Contact us, we'd love to help you assess your business technology needs, and work with you to find the most efficient ways to deliver the best, most cost effective solutions.

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