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    VOIP Solutions by Bundy & Associates

    There is a new way to do phone service and it could save you a lot of money.

    The advent of high speed internet has made it possible now to do phone calls over the internet.

    This new solution is called Voice over IP (or VoIP).
    We have implemented VoIP for many customers and they have saved between 50% and 80% on their monthly bills.

    For over 100 years, phone calls were conducted over a closed wire circuit.
    Companies used a piece of hardware called a PBX to bring phone calls into their offices and route them to the recipients.
    This hardware and the logic or software portions were proprietary.

    The advent of high speed internet service has made it possible now to do phone calls over the internet. This is called Voice over IP (or VoIP).

    Several PBX companies began to support VoIP some time ago. The name most famous for this is CISCO phone systems.

    The great news is that now, companies like ours have the capabilities to do away with the old PBX hardware by installing all-new PBX software on a server, to do the same job legacy systems used to do - at a fraction of the price.
    And there are many very good versions of this software which are Open Source and Free!

    Plus, unlike in the recent past, today there are many low-cost phone carriers available that do not require long-term contracts, and offer very competitive cheaper rates.

    The old legacy way of doing phone service:

    1. Proprietary hardware and software from a telecom vendor
    2. Long-term contracts locking you in
    3. Rates from various carriers based on set monthly fees
    4. Minimum charges apply no matter how many calls you make
    5. Often required complicated hardware installation

    The new VoIP paradigm:

    1. Easy-to-use Free Open Source PBX software running on your server or a cloud server.
    2. No long-term contracts on hardware or phone service.
    3. Low-cost phone carriers that charge on a per-minute-used basis.
    4. Significant Savings!
    5. And we’ll get it installed fast!

    We at Bundy & Associates are phone consultants with many years of experience who can help you decide if VoIP savings are right for you.

    There is an excellent chance we can save you money on phone costs.

    We are true consultants that charge only for our expertise; we don't sell systems or phone services, only knowledge.
    And the first consultation is Free!

    You have nothing to lose and maybe much to save. So give us a call now!

    Call Jared Busch or Mike Bundy for more details, and to arrange a free consultation:

    Bundy & Associates Inc.
    Tel: 636-441-3926