Using the FreePBX UCP (User Control Panel)

    1. Navigate to the URL of the PBX

    2. Log in with the credentials provided to you or reset your password is needed.

    3. Once logged in, you will be presented with this menu on the left.
      The Home screen just shows some curated news from the FreePBX team by default.

    4. The call history item shows your call history as you wold expect.
      You can click on any phone number on the right to initiate a call to that number.

      • The system will ring your phone and then once you answer dial the other number.
    5. The Call event log shows the same as call history, but shows it in a more detailed view of what the calls did.

      • There is no interaction with this screen.
    6. The Contacts section contains all the users from the system.

      • You can additionally add a personal group here but I have not looked into how would connect that part to the phone to dial someone aside from click to dial on the web page.
    7. Very few companies without call queues make use of the Presence functionality.

      • It is useful for some to automatically turn on follow me or do not disturb.
    8. Endpoint Settings is where you can configure your ring time and ring time.
      Note: Default ring time for our system is set to 30 seconds.

      • I use follow me all the time to get calls when I am not at my desk.

      • If you want your follow me to dial an external number (like your mobile) you put in the 10 digit mobile number followed by the pound (#) sign.

      • In my example here, A call comes in and rings my desk (103) for 10 seconds.

      • After 10 seconds, it rings my desk (103), my test soft phone on my laptop (203), and my cell phone for an additional 26 seconds. After which it will go to voicemail.

      • Note, make sure that the Ring Followme time is less than the time it takes your cell phone voicemail to pick up, or the call will go to your mobile voicemail when that system "answers" the call.

      • If you want your normal ring time (when followme is not on) to be different than 30 seconds, you change the CallForward Ring timer in the second column.

    9. Finally, the Voicemail item will let you interact with any voicemail you have.
      You can listen to it, forward it, download it, or delete it. You can also click to dial to call the person back.